Thursday, April 12, 2012

❤ King King the Fantastic Baby & RaRa + Fancy Feast Contest + Updates

As I mentioned previously, I adopted a new kitten whom I name him King King! He has 3 nicknames now, Fantastic Baby, Kingsley and Hulu. He also has a godmother too. LOL. Why my friend so cute one! SO WELL............. PHOTO BOMB of CUTENESS OVERLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sis told me to set up a page for King King!!!!!! the facebook timeline is very awesome to be used to share King King's adorable growth!!!!!!! Join us. :)

I actually went to buy a new toy (again!), treat and canned food for Rara as she is pretty scared with King King's presence at home! After 2 days when I bought 5 cans of Fancy Feast (Which Rara likes), look what I received in the mail from!

3 cans of Fancy Feast for my babies as their sampling!

I also took part in the photo contest where by the winner with the most number of votes and a jury's choice will walk away with 1 month supply of Fancy Feast! Support me and King King the Fantastic Baby here photo 47:

I donated Rara's bag of food for winning the Catswelfare photo contest to caretakers for fellow felines! This time I will also donate if we do win! :P

 Rara's new toy and Fancy Feast!!!!

So what is Rara looking so intensely on the ipad2????

A feline's favourite game!!!! :D

Met up with Yukki-san for the first time finally!!!!! Tried my very best to speak in Japanese with her~~ ^^ I can't wait for Tokyo and Nikko~~~~~~ 15 more days to go! :DDDDDD

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