Wednesday, July 20, 2011

❤ ElishaCoy Chestnut Husk & Houttuynia Cordata

Ahem, i've been doing different masks and took photos and this is probably the only one with me in nice hair!!!!! :( I don't understand how other pretty bloggers can look chio and have dry hair with masks~~ I use mask after my bath thus my hair is super wet or unglam~~~ *bbrrrrrrrrrrr*

Pore care!!! My major skin problem is my PORE PORE PORE. First time I chanced upon pore care mask. :D ELISHACOY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE THE PICTURES TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE! Anyway, nothing much to write on masks review and what we want is basically the result and the difference RIGHT? EHHEHEHE

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Sheet mask with eye mask care!! :D and relaxing on the Udivine Massage chair with soothing music for 15 minutes. HEH! LIFE IS FABULOUS! Scent is a nice and light chestnut smell. ^^ I've actually used all 5 ElishaCoy Essence Masks and I LOVE THEM ALL! My favourite is Ricebran Whitening!! :D The softness and baby-like skin lasts for 3-4 days. MUHAHAH! HAPPY!!!

YAY! Scars are lighter, and redness on skin tone down ALOT. CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE my pores!! :D ElishaCoy mask is my #1~~~~~~

Visit to get the masks!! i've stock up ElishaCoy masks in my masks collection. WOOHOO!

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