Sunday, April 24, 2011


HAHAHHA, I have decided to return to this abandoned blogspot. HIHIHIHIHI!!


My Birthday is a few days later, but I had a surprise party celebrated it with two groups of lovelies. I AM SO BLESSED!!

Uploaded vocations photos from erm.. 2009. :P I AM REALLY VERY LAZY and new resolution is that I will pimp myself up and blog!

2010 was a vocation year as I went to Japan (thrice!! ^^), Taiwan and the long awaited USA for a month! woohoo~~ I will take time off to update here whenever I can, especially uploaded photos from my vocations last year! Half way done with virgin trip to Japan~~~ JAPAN, I LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!!!!!!

Gonna update about my amazing life and things I love: family, kitties, friends, #1, #2, beauty products, fashion, music... etc :DDDD

Finally went back to the work force doing something I really love! Never did I thought that I will join the beauty industry. HEHEHEHE, I will work hard despite all the mountains to climb. FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kiyora!

Anyway, NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Pentax Optio Rz10. LOVE IT SO CUTESY!!!! PURPLE!!! I was contemplating between this or the GREEN one. HAHA! Basically this cutie has editing functions to edit without the need of computer. COOL BABY!

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