Saturday, August 27, 2011


Got PUPA's crack though I haven't really been a fan of CRACK nails actually. :P Saw this selling at a set of 2, S$19.90 in Watsons and decided to get it since the color is cute!
With super easy instruction given. Step 1: Apply the base coat - white. Then I waited for 4 minutes..

PS: I applied my own Sally Hansen's Base Coat too. ^^ Base coat is important!

After 4 minutes or so... apply the deco crack of 1 layer! TADAH!! It appeared in less than 2 second and the crack appears. Mom is amused when i showed her. HAHA

SUPER FAST AND EASY. Took less than 10 minutes to finish my nails with base and top coat. Best thing about crack is.... I don't even have to apply the first color layer nicely. HAHAHA.
Spent a bomb on them!! Wanted to collect all 6 but after getting 5 different ones i kept getting repeated ones. :((((

Kiyo-chan taking a walk.... heeheheheeh

New hair color! Copper + Orange this time!! Bleached my bangs so now duo color!! hehehe!

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