Saturday, July 23, 2011


I won the MUSEE facebook contest for the MR RIGHT contest~ I need to pay only $100 instead of the promotional $138 with no gst for unlimited underarms ipl session!! Hehehe. Happy girl and will go for my first treatment on the national day! Wooohoo!

I went to the Plaza Singapura outlet, and my consultant is really friendly, professional and no hard selling at all! So far I am very happy with the service! Hehe! Also received a big MUSEE mirror!

I usually shave or eplilate the unsightly hair, but my consultant said that it will only hurt the skin!! FML. To the person who told me epliating is good, THANK YOU!!!! >_< I have serious ingrown hair on my legs... *SOBS* my legs are damn ugly! I also read that I should scrub frequently. ARGH. Wrong!!!!!! Apply lots of lotion to the part which is affected by ingrown hair! Same for the armpits! I was shocked and asked again, "Oh, what kind of lotion?!" Consultant "*smile* you can use the lotion which you are comfortable with. However, I know it will feel uncomfortable to apply at your underarms therefore you may like to apply the lotion before just before you sleep." *NODS NODS*

I will definitely do ipl for my legs too. *SOBS*

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