Wednesday, January 16, 2013

☆ JILL STUART MAKE UP-CHEEKS Blush Blossom 03 (Lady amaryllis)

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I finally finally finally bought my first Jill Stuart super sweet and girl blush blossom blusher when I went to Taiwan in November! ^^
I have been wanting to buy Jill Stuart ever since I saw the super princessy packaging! The Christmas limited edition was sold out when I was there. :((((((((((

LOVE! S$56++
I instantly feel like a princess looking at this diamond jewel blusher! There are two types of blushers with brushes included but I chose this because of the ribbon on the brush! :P I always succumb to my weakness in ribbon! Blush Blossom also contains glitter which makes the skin looks more glowing!

I heard that Jill Stuart is the cheapest at Hong Kong, then Taiwan, then Japan. WHY HUH WHY! :/ The Jill Stuart shop in Japan is also like a kingdom. SINGAPORE, WHY U NO HAVE JILL STUART!

Apply the powder from the right, then left shimmer.

Left: with blusher, Right: without blusher ^^
Look at how vibrant the color is! It gives a natural glow, and the best is that it is long lasting enough that even when I attended an outdoor Wedding Dinner from 4pm-10pm and the blusher is still on till the end of it! ^^

SUPER WORTH IT despite the price due to its packaging and quality!

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