Tuesday, January 15, 2013

♥ Dip Drops VIP ディップドロップス!

Please visit xkiyora.com as I will shift over officially from february 2013. ^^
Long time no see!

I am finally a Dip Drops VIP since 13 Jan 2013! hahahahaha!
1月13日から、 ディップドロップスVIPになりました!フフフ!

This VIP card belongs to me, Jo-chan, and Irena-chan! ^^

We were contemplating whose name to to put on the card depending on our birth months. Ended up putting mine since it is April so it will mean more discount for Spring/Summer fashion! Yoohoo!
だれの名前をするを考えました!あたしの誕生びは4月から、最終あたしの名前を使いました!フフフ~~~ 春と夏のファッション、待ってね!

Please read below to find out the benefits and how to become a Dip Drops VIP!^^

♥ Invitation to new collection preview
♥ 10% OFF all regular merchandise
♥ 15% OFF all regular merchandise within the BIRTHDAY MONTH

[How To Become a Dip Drop VIP]
♥ Purchase S$400 in a single receipt OR Accumulate 16 stamps within 6 months (Get 1 stamp for every $50 spending)

Visit http://www.facebook.com/dipdropssg/ for promotions and new releases now! ♥

Will be back this week for the cosmetic I want to share with you girls about!

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