Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hatched @ HV

 Please visit as I will shift over officially from february 2013. ^^

Met up with my Japanese tomodachi, Yukki-san, together with my sister at Hatched @ Holland Village few weeks back! 

This is my second time visiting Hatched! I had the highly recommended "Sleepover" previously, and I love it! So this time I brought Yukki-san to try out the food!

It was really hot and crowded previously when I went with my girl friends, but this time the place is super chilly and quite empty. hmmm~~

I guess they made another one for 2013! I should go soon! Yay!
The illustrations are all sooooooo cute!
Even the names of the meals are super cute too! ^^
What I ordered! Christmas special! IT IS YUMMMMMMMY. Beef burger, and shabu shabu burger with apricot. Cute mini burgers! But I guess you can't order it anymore since Christmas is over~
Sis's Christmas special!

Yukki-san's COWBOY Burger, and you can still order it when you hopped over to HATCHED! ^^
Wahaha, was trying my best to speak Japanese to Yukki-san as I really really hadn't spoken it for super long~~~~ my Japanese is getting worse and worse... :(((((( Gonna start watching Japanese Drama again!
Address: 267 Holland Ave, Singapore 278989
Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Phone:  6463 0012

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