Thursday, February 23, 2012

❤ REVIEW: Sasatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara + CUTE 3D Wall Stickers

Yay~ Finally tried using the Sasatinnie 360 Rotating Mascara after getting it last December.

After makeup except eye makeup ~~ and I did photoshop my uneven skin~~~ :( I am going to laser off the uneven skin and the mole on my nose and hopefully my left cheek soon! (that mole is not good for love life apparently. NO WONDER!) I can't wait ~~ I can hab smooth skin soon too! Maybe I'll post make-up free photos when I have smooth skin!

My lashes are considered quite thick and long, just that it not curled up... I need to redeem my groupon my sister bought to perm the lashes!
The rotating brush!~~~~~~~~~~ which turns clockwise and anti-clockwise. Good to curl both upper and lower lashes. :) But it's difficult for me to curl the lower lashes as it kind of try to curl my upper lashes at the same time! Too efficient? haha~ 

Press the switch button and the rotating brush will rotate for 90sec (way more than enough), and click it again to off, and click again for another direction. AWESOMENESS! I was actually quite afraid if it will look accidentally rotate into my eyes. LOL. No worries man! The rotating is not those super high speed with a loud sound so that definitely ease my nervousness. But my friend found it scary to use. hahahah~~

Obviously, this is not a paid advertorial nor sponsored item~~~ I paid it with HARD CASH. -___________-  But definitely cheaper than what you pay... I guess I will not fork out the full amount $36.90 to buy unless my lashes are really those that cannot curl up easily. 

It is really a trial and test thing for make up. What worked for me may not work for others, and vice versa. So yeah,  do explore ad go ahead and try!!!!!!!!! Trust me, you will be damn happy when you find the "love' (mascara) of your life! I have so many loves of my life though. hehe.

Also tried Estee Lauder eyeliner for the first time. Smooth thus extremely easy to apply on my eyelid, and very intense black, me likely! But that makes the mascara not that obvious. :P 

Actually I bought Estee Lauder as I attended MYFATPOCKET event invited by Herine (you can read it about there). Met Herine for the first time over there! :D I looked damn fugly as I was SUPER DUPER SICK that time and super hideous with tt purple eyeshadow!!!! HAHAAHAHAHA. I chose purple as I'm dressed in purple floral. #FAIL 

Oops, at the end I was at the table with Xinyi and Verlyn though as I saw them. LOL. Thanks to my job, I get to officially read blogs and went on knowing all these lovely, attractive and really smart ladies!

Anyway,  I bought Estee Lauder's foundation and make up but yet to use. :))))))))))) Bought so many eyeshadows but also yet to use as I am lazy and I don't know how to apply eyeshadow!!!!! :(((((((((

 No photo when I'm using the rotating mascara.... lol. Here is the after my right eye. I told you there is not much difference when I have eyeliner/mascara or even fake lashes. -_- Not that obvious as my eyeliner is too thick. So....

Closed up for you to see!!!! IT REALLY CURLED up and quite naturally I must say. Do note that I did use my Anna Sui Curler before it. (Tried using the mascara without my curler but sadly, lashes are not that curled.)

Side view so I know how others see me as... lol. Lashes look really curled and long. :DDDD

Front view which is not so obvious again.... :P My bad!

Tilt my head a little so it is more obvious! So will you get it or not? Available in SaSa only! (Obviously!!) Think it is $36.90 ~~ not sure about the promotion for the month but go down to the store to check it out! Selling like crazy~~~ woohoo! But it is considered cheap for a rotating mascara! I kept pestering my sister to try but she has yet to! Her lashes are way thicker and longer than mine, but extremely droopy! After she permed her lashes, it curled to my lashes degree. lol. So, if it works for her.. i'm sure it will work for ANYONE!

Highly recommended by Rilakkuma too~ haha! CUTE!

Well.... The background of clover and pink flowers is super cute and 3D real looking right?
 I do not have a garden definitely.... but I'll share with you my secret garden. ;)))

Just tell me how cute is the clover sticker and my plushies? I super love my big fluffy Rilakkuma and fluffy My Melody! LOL. I know right, im like a kid... at heart definitely!!!!!!!!!! *NODS*
Sticker on my room's wall! SO PRETTY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! 

I take the cat as my beloved Angel Kiyo. Miss you baby!

I still have two more stickers that I got from Gmarket~~~ I LOVE GMARKET! Even more after they got Bigbang as Endorser! My perfect guy in my dreams~~ T.O.P!!!!!! He really is what I always imagine how my dream guy looks like. Why are you a KPOP idol? *cries*

 BigBang's new song "BLUE"~~~~~ and Tabi dyes his hair blue~~~~ Daesung looks super hot with his blond hair! :D Super love this song and I repeat it non-stop~ im singing my blues... 

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