Sunday, February 5, 2012

❤ Review: Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo + ElishaCoy Diamond Shiny Pearl BB Cream + Mineral Powder + Maybelline Brown Gel Eyeliner

Hellos! ;) Did up a link for my tumblr! Tumblr saved my life ever since I chanced upon it in June 2010 during the low shitty period of my life because of someone and life. It is only in tumblr that I knew I am not foreveralone! I introduced my dear friends to read it when they told me they were lost in life, heartbroken, feeling the blues and need some inspirations! I reblogged mostly which represents how I feel at the point of time. I also upload my own silly quotes and photos sometimes. Lots of lots of T.O.P, Koichi, hilarious, cute kawaii stuffs too~~ LOL.

Without makeup.. :/

One of my favourite brand and BB cream! Been using it sometime and I love it but it is time to throw it away and change into something else! The benefits are as usual anti-aging, whitening, concealer, oil control blah blah blah.. all you need in BB cream. The special thing is it contains diamond and 6 other extracts of precious gems! And it is contains glittery extracts, diamond I suppose but not overly shiny! I think my skin is too OILY and oil control is like zero for me.

Brighten up my skin instantly! The concealing part is so-so only though.

ElishaCoy Soft Finish Mineral Powder

Changed and finished off with the mineral powder.

After powder, the over is definitely more matte~This powder controls the sebum much much better! I love this! Second that I bought. The coverage is so-so only. lol. I AM SO LAZY FOR MY MAKE-UP I KNOW. HAIZ. I did not use any photoshop ok. I can't wait to try the super pretty canmake powder and BB cream! Not available in Singapore yet.

Essential for eye make up~~~~ Anna Sui Eyelash curler is the BEST!

With Maybelline brown gel eyeliner~~ eyes open (obviously) It depends of my mood to whether use brown or black eyeliner. Brown is softer and gentle looking, black is more intense and gives the more

With Maybelline brown gel eyeliner~~  eyes closed.

Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo!!! This is for lengthening and more natural eyelashes! (applied the Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In first)

Left with Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo, right without.

Till then.......... Bad quality photos. LOL.

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