Tuesday, January 3, 2012

♥ R.I.P Kiyo Tan. mommy loves you. ♥

Thank you all of you for the help and concern even though Kiyo had tried her best to come back to me but left me and my family with indescribable pain and heartache. She has passed away in my arms and spent the last few hours with me. She is a fighter, the most lovely, beautiful, photogenic, smart, cool, sweet, naughty and energetic queen ever.

She will always be in my heart and irreplaceable as she is the one who has been in the longest relationship with me for almost ten whole years. I can never stay angry at her for more than one second even though if she scratched me and I was bleeding in pain. I love her a lot with no strings attached and she also love me back all the same though I may not be the most terrific pet to her.

I guess she loves me too much and will rather come back to me as my real daughter. The heartache of losing her so unpredictably will definitely never disappear for me and my family.

She has rescued me for the 9 years plus for all the ups an downs in my life ever since she chose me. People came and left, but she is always there when I reach home and call out to me.

I will definitely miss all her tenderness, sweetness, her rubbing against my feet, playing with anything on the floor, standing up to touch my hand when I want to feed her, her scolding back at me when i said that she is "naughty", "fat fat", "carry", the *hmmmmmmmm* sound :), all the words like "aircon", "sleep", "again", "one more time", and her slapping kira, eating kira's food, leaving food for rara, the ball + scratching toy she love, how she sleeps only at my feet to ensure I am comfortable, how she looks into and so photogenic in every photo taken, following me around me every night, and to bed every night... i must also say she must be the cat with the most photos taken ever!

Thank you Kiyo.... me, papa, mama, dajie, erjie & rara loves you very very very much and you will definitely be in our mind and heart everyday without fail.

Too much to say and too much to handle... i did tell Kiyo how much i love her, good night and sweet dreams for her. Thank you for teaching me how to love someone other than myself and my family with all I have without any reservations, not asking or expecting anything in return.

The sweet dreams consisting you may has ceased for now but I will never ever forget you. I can't promise you I won't stop crying as you know how I always cry so terribly with swollen eyes and mucus and you will always come and check on me.... i know you are sitting at the fan, just invisible to the eyes.

♥ R.I.P Kiyo Tan. I love you. ♥
2002 ~ 11pm, 3.1.2012.

We will bring you home with us in 7 days or less. Miss you and see you baby!

PS: Rara is missing and looking around for you ..... please ask her to eat something. Love you Kiyo! I will still hear you name everyday. =)
Add on... you have seen me at my worst and still love me, listened to me with 100% of your attention when I tell you how bad my day was, why that idiot don't like me, why am i so fat, why am i not pretty like Namie Amuro, why my skin is so terrible, why is my eyesight becoming worse, why no guy likes me, why am I not rich enough...........

Still feels like a nightmare and im not back to reality...... i just hope rara will be okay really. :(

I really thought she will stay with me for at least another ten years as she is very healthy and she lost almost 1kg during her last visit to the vet after the vet kept saying should let her slim down due to her age... she is not even full when she pass away... and no more vet visit this year..

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