Sunday, January 17, 2010

KinKi Kids Concert Tour J

ANYWAY, finally saw the song lists from a Japanese blog! 3Q~~~ BUT I am sure 風のソネット is the first song... because T-chan sang the part a and chorus solo~ *spotlight on him only* and my heart was DOKIDOKI DOKIDOKI anticipating Ko-chan~~~ oh, only two MC? hahaha.... i am sure there were more!!!!!!!!

Secret Code
銀色 暗号
Harmony of December
walk on…
I will
つばさ -little wing-
愛されるより 愛したい




We got the tickets abt 20hrs before the concert!!! *DREAMING*

I finally saw the #1 person in the whole world whom I want to see. =))))))) (after 12 long years... *wipes happy tear* It did not cross my mind that this very first time which I went to Japan, I can actually see Koichi-sama!~!~!!! I want to see Tsuyo-chan too definitely... but Koichi-sama is... my #1!~~!!!!!!*still feeling super happy*

Thank you my imaginary god!!!! What more can I ask for......? =)))))))

Koichi-sama is...... omg. UNREAL. How can a guy be soooooooo flawless & beautiful? Flawless skin, super shiny soft hair, sharpest nose I have seen ever.... Really super handsome (aww~~~*my type my type) and yes, he has a small built but hot body~~ *squeals* Hes way prettier than me!~~~ Tsuyo-chan is kawaii~~~~ xD and its the first of the three consecutive concert, so I guess they are the least tired. ^______^ Great live performance as usual~~~

The opening started with Kaze No Sonnet, Tsuyo-chan singing with spotlight hitting on him~ He just has an amazing vocal, singing the HIGH notes with no effort... My heart was beating like mad already~~ I gonna see Koichi-sama in less than 1 minute.... hahaha. So scared tt my heart couldnt take it~~~ omg, then it is Koichi-sama's turn during the second part! *SCREAMS LIKE MAD* omgggggggggg~~~~~~ he sang even more perfectly than in the album!!! awww~ ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~ Going crazy!!! Then after one or two songs, they came towards us in the moving stage. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER NEAR!! Even without the binoculars, they look near already~~~~~ i think my heart just stopped for a beat!!!~~ LOOK VERY HARD at Koich-sama~ SOOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD-LOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love him so much~~~ *sighs*

They sang all the songs from J-album~ aww~~ I finally sang Garasu no shounen (1997), Aisareru Yori Aishitai (1998), Ame no Melody & a few older songs~~~ They sang ROCKS (1997) from A-Album at one of the encore!! aww~~

Although my Japanese is still very shitty, but I can understand probably 20-30%. THEY ARE SUPER KAWAII & FUNNY~~~~~~ *HEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH*

Feel so Happy when Koichi scolded us "Urusai"~ and how happy he is when he talked abt Pan-chan. How they said they could see EVERYONE in the Dome, as they moved on the moving stage... but alot with binoculars on their eyes. HAHAHA. ME!!! I nearly DIE when the moving stage with Koichi-sama came to me.... *MAD* Maybe 200 metres away and my eye level lor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

How Ko-sama apologized for starting the concert late at 1740hr, when it was supposed to be 1730hr.. (aww~ i love Japanese! SG concert starts at least 30-45min late ...) how he said it wasn't due to him though.. hahaha!!!!!! *squeals* how KinKi asked us to sit in honorific-form when MC starts... they TALKED alot~~ hoho.

How Ko-sama is upset cos hes turning 31 and afraid that fans liked young ppl like NYC... How Ko-sama is shocked when the first Jr he asked was 12 (u are 12 when u joined JE too~ x)))), and even more shocked the second is 8!! haha.. love his shocking laughter!! How tsuyo-chan said they gotta be 22 to have a child this big.

How Ko-sama is angry/upset during the first MC when fans went to toilet!!! hahahaha.... !!! ko-chan, we queued for almost an hour~~ *SOBS*

How Ko-sama asked who is here to see KinKi for the first time?? *ME ME ME*

How Ko-sama said, why is everyone cheering.. "KinKi" *clap clap* "KinKi" *clap clap* when they are not a baseball team? But its alright.... x))))))

Alot alot alot others~~~~~~~~~~ I hope I can understand moreeee the next time I go~

I AM SO GOING AGAIN!!! NO MORE TAIWAN ~~wooo~~ my soul is still in Japan. Be back to update when I received all the photos in the mail. =D

I LOVE JAPAN~~ I Love KinKi~~~~

PS: Seriously, I have never queued for a toilet for 45min & did not get the chance to get in EVER. That many girls!!!!!! and there are many many cubicles & female toilets.... FYI, Tokyo Dome sits ard 44K ppl... tt excluding those on the ground level... so perhaps.. 60K++ ppl... 90% females. Jaw just drop when I see the queue.. whats worse is tt I DID NOT get to go in... HAHHAAHAHAHAHA. -___- thank u NYC for performing a song tt allow me (& alot others) to excuse ourselves... *RUNS LIKE AH SIAO* hahahahahahaha.


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